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The Model Shop is a team of architects and designers who remodelled their skills and talents from designing to making, headed up by Ben Croudace.
When a physical scale model is created in a project, there is a revelation that allows everyone involved to see what the project is about in an instant. This simple and powerful characteristic of physical models, often as a compliment to digital models, is what drives the The Model Shop.
The Model Shop’s professional model makers are passionate about the craft and most have a background in architecture and design.
  • Architectural models
  • Concept models
  • Marketing models
  • Master Planning
  • Community consultation
  • Competition models
  • Interior models
  • Landscaping and terrain models
  • Industrial and mining models
  • 3D printing
  • Laser cutting
  • Custom display stands
  • Clear acrylic display covers
  • Remote controlled and iPad integrated lighting
  • Art installations, people models and other typologies

"Here at The Model Shop, we are firm believers in the magic of a physical object as a tool in communication. A model synchronises thoughts, ideas and understanding between designer and client, salesperson and buyer, or teacher and student."

Ben Croudace The Model Shop Founder and Director

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The Model Shop
Perth • Sydney • Melbourne • Malaysia

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