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The Model Shop is a team of successful and talented architects and designers who remodelled their skills and talents from designing to making, headed up by Ben Croudace.

Ben, an accomplished architect with a voracious appetite for making things, founded The Model Shop in Perth, Western Australia in 2010. For Ben, the tactile, tangible joy of creating an architectural model trumped his fascination with the design stage of the business and he paused his architecture practice when he launched The Model Shop.

Since then many scaled versions of buildings and objects of all types and sizes have been constructed and delivered around Australia and overseas by Ben’s team at The Model Shop.

Sarah is an integral part of the team and plays a major role in the end product of each model. Also with a background in architecture, Sarah has a keen eye for detail and impeccable taste.

The Model Shop now is now operating in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Malaysia. Models are shipped all over the world and delivery and installation is a carefully considered element of the model making process.

While Ben enjoys adopting new technology with the latest equipment, nothing can take the place of a model maker’s uncanny instinct for calculation and artistic vision.

Utilising a combination of digital data, human craftsmanship and data driven machines such as laser-cutters and 3d printers, The Model Shop offers value and insight to projects in architecture, developments, industrial, resources, medical, arts or any project that may require a powerful communication tool.

While the primary work of the Model Shop is architectural models for developers, architects, and the resources industry, they also regularly engage in special projects such as life-like medical models for teaching, 3D print body scan, advertising and marketing installations, public art projects and object art.

THE MODEL SHOP Testimonials

"We have found the tactile nature and physical 3dimensional form that can be moved around, helps to communicate the aesthetic and functional qualities at another level to what our 3d computer images offer, providing us with a highly valuable tool that has a highly rewarding outcome for both architect and client"

Craig Steere
Craig Steere Architects

"The models provided are not only an excellent presentation tool and beautiful objects, they also assist us during documentation to identify problems before we get to site".

Sam Klopper
Klopper Davis Architects

“We are very happy with the work done by Ben and the team at The Model Shop. The models look great on display and are very useful when describing processes, plant and equipment to customers and visitors. Fast, professional service and constant communication through the entire process. Would have no problem recommending their services.”

Ben Baron
Craig Mostyn Group

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