• Experience

    The Model Shop is a renowned provider of top-notch model-making services, offering architectural models, trade show booth models, developer marketing models, and more. With experienced model makers skilled in various industries, they can bring your vision to life through precise, high-quality scale models that build trust and captivate your clients.

  • Clarity

    A model brings everything out onto the table.

    This idea was the genesis of The Model Shop in 2010 when founder Ben Croudace noticed how much more engaged his clients became when a scale model was presented in his Architectural practice.  

    Models get people excited about the project or product.

  • Customer engagement

    Ideally, you want your customers to understand in the same way that you do, that you can deliver a high-quality solution to their problem.   If you can bridge that gap, you've got their business.

    The main problem with trying to sell a product before it is built is that there is no way to guarantee that the product will actually materialise in the way that it has been promised to customers.

  • Trust

    "It puts everyone in a place of clarity that is only achievable using a tangible physical object in this way."

    The Model Shop is here to help you build trust with your clients.

    Once they can see clearly what they are buying and they can move past that uncertainty, then the door is opened for you to build mutual understanding and ultimately, a new customer!

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