What does a model maker do?

creating a physical model from digital information involves a broad range of knowledge and skills

"Model makers are artists and engineers responsible for creating scale models of structures, machinery, landscapes, and products. With advanced knowledge in design, carpentry, electronics, mechanics, and various other fields, model makers have the ability to create anything from architectural models to car prototypes."

Timber scale model

Throughout the design process, model makers work with designers to create models that replicate physical designs and products as accurately as possible. Model makers must use both traditional hand tools and modern computer-aided technologies to produce models from a variety of materials, including wood, plastic, plaster, metal and polystyrene.

FPSO scale model

While model makers usually specialize in certain projects, like medical gadgets, toys and architectural models, some are generalists, creating models for all kinds of products. To create a model, model makers often need to break down the design into individual components, making sure that each part accurately reflects the finished product.

RSV Nuyina scale model


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